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Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energizer System “R-2 B-T/S”


A pool & spa companion that will make your reduced chlorine experience healthier and better.


Residential Pool R-2-B T/S Size: 1.5″ – 2.5″ (38.1mm – 63.5mm)

Keep your pool in optimum condition with minimal fuss, zero maintenance and reduced
  • Reduces pool operating costs
  • Improves chlorine effectiveness, reducing dosage required
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Decreases draining frequency
  • Protects from staining
  • Reduces corrosion in all pipes, heaters, and filters
  • Reduces heating costs by removing existing limescale build up
  • Eliminates the need for algaecides

Improves Water Quality

  • Clarifies water
  • Stabilizes pH
  • Kills algae and bacteria and controls their growth
  • Dissolves body oils, sun lotions etc.

The ecologically friendly, effective and patented mono-polar magnetic Magnetizer® water conditioner”R-2 B T/S” is now available for your pool and spa.

Laboratory tests have proven that by simply strapping Magnetizer® on the return line to your pool or on the heater line of your spa, Magnetizer® reduces sanitizing chemical usage by 30% to 50% while stabilizing pHand eliminating all pH chemicals, thereby saving you money.

Magnetizer® helps to eliminate algae helping keep the water cleaner while improving the clarity of your pool/spa.

Magnetizer® conditioned water is the natural way to enjoy your pool or spa. More pleasant swim (silky feeling) with less chemical eye and skin irritation, and reduced unpleasant chemical odors. Pool/spa users report no more scum caused by body oils. No more build-up caused by hard water minerals.

Magnetizer® operates automatically, continuously and permanently, using no external power source and has no moving parts to wear out. Straped to standard (steel or pvc) pipes, diameter (ø 1 ½ – 2 ½”).

It comes with a Life Time Power Warranty and will be replaced at no cost to you if it looses its magnetic strength.

Magnetizer® is more efficient than ANY competing magnetic product on the market due to its patented “mono-polar” technology (fluid conditioning method). We encourage you to visit this link and watch a short video that clearly explains and proves why.

Customer comments

I have a young son, so the Magnetizer’s ability to eliminate chemical irritation is a tremendous health benefit.”Angel Martino, 6 time U.S. Olympic Medalist in Swimming“Less time is spent maintaining the pool/spa and more time enjoying it.


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Unit Size: W 2-9/16″ L 5″ H 1-5/16″ Box Size: W 6-1/2″ L 4-7/8″ H 3-3/4″ Color: Red Included in the box: 2 pairs (four pieces), four plastic straps, installation instruction Material used: Rare earth magnetic ceramic alloys, patented steel flux driver plate™, dipped in highest quality durable plastic for functionality and esthetic, distinguished look Magnetic strength: 7,500 Gauss-Ørsted energy units

Magnetizer® is more efficient than any competing magnetic product on the market due to its patented “mono-polar” technology. We encourage you to visit the Home page and watch a short video that clearly explains why.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 in


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