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Supplementary “RWE-1” Unit


Additional booster unit for homes >2500 sq. feet

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same details as “RWE-S”


Manufacturer’s recommendation

Here’s your quick guide as to the best  “RWE-S” system for your home:


If a home is < 2,500 sq. ft. (>230 m2) = 1 x “RWE-S”

If a home is 2,500-5,000 sq. ft. (230-460 m2) = 1 x “RWE-S” + 1 x “RWE-1”

If a home is > 5,000 sq. ft. (>460 m2) = 2 x “RWE-S”


Magnetizer® is more efficient than any competing magnetic product on the market due to its patented “mono-polar” technology. We encourage you to visit the Home page and watch a short video that clearly explains why.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 3 in


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