Different Mundimex therapy magnets: Super Biomagnets, Regular Biomags and Power Wafers

BiomagScience® Super Biomagnets


These rare-earth Super BioMagnets are our most powerful magnets designed for wide area and very deep tissue therapies for glands/organs, illness, acute/chronic conditions and pain. Supers have been used in Advanced Therapy Protocols in “Conquering Pain” therapy instruction book. They are sold in pairs only. Price is for two Super Bio-Magnets.

Disclaimer: The information enclosed herein is for educational and informative purposes only and use it at your own risk. Mundimex does not make any medical claims, nor will be responsible for any improper use of these bio-magnets or related health products offered by us. Please consult medical professional or contact us for referral to a proper bio-magnetic specialist. Since many people around the world have used these bio-magnetic and/or related health products offered by us in the past, and are asking for them, we are willing to continue to offer them through this section of our website, if a benefit can be derived from it for those in need of an alternative health solution.


Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

4 reviews for BiomagScience® Super Biomagnets

  1. Tony Coombes

    Hi guys, I enjoy using your biomagnets that have helped me, I strongly believe, to overcome various ailments in the past. And yes, I use your book included in the Wellness Kit everyday I encounter a problem. My doctor does not dissuade me from using your magnets. Have an awesome day! Regards, Tony

    • admins

      Thanks for sharing, Tony. In good health!

  2. Irwin

    Great site, niteresting information on biomagnets. I see you have great experience with magnetic systems over decades now. Impressive! My 2019 resolution is to get more Mundi magnets :-). Happy New Year to Team Mundi!

    • admins

      Thanks, Irwin. Please feel free to be our guest – Happy Magnetizing and Happy New Year to you!

  3. Jenette Zana

    Excellent product and the delivery was smooth. Recommending your biomags to my friends and family!

    • admins

      Thanks for sharing, Janette.

  4. Wendy Macker

    Your Super Biomags were helpful to treat pain in my hip. Thanks!

    • admins

      Glad to hear it, Wendy.

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