Magnetizer Water Enhancer for your RV, motorhome, fifth wheeler, camper. It will get you better tasting water for your motorhome travel. Attach to city or home hose.

RV Water Enhancer | RVW-1


The non-chemical water enhancer for your RV to be placed on home or city water hose.

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A companion product to “RVW-S,” – the basic Magnetizer® RV Water Enhancer consists of the same components but is offered in a particular auxiliary function: to treat water entering your RV through your home (potable) or city hose only. This way, you will start enjoying the enhanced water quality immediately with this basic setup until you install the full-fledged water improvement system, which is recommended for all RVs.

It consists of the residential home proven, monopolar, South Pole (+) charged, magnetic ring.

We have excluded Vitalizer® from the RVW-1 or RVW kit and offer it as an option to save you money. It is recommended to be also used with  “Vitalizer® Plus”—the North Pole-charged (-)— ring on the cold drinking water pipe under the kitchen sink in case you drink water from your sink. If you don’t – it is also good to have it for cooking and cleaning.

This essential water enhancer will work immediately upon snapping it onto a hose to lessen your water quality and save you money on detergents, shampoos, soaps, and more. We recommend keeping it permanently attached to a hose (before a small hose filter if you use one) for better water control entering your RV.

It will never break, require power to operate, and will work for you rain or shine for the lifetime of your RV.

It comes with a Lifetime Power Warranty and will be replaced free of charge should it lose its magnetic power.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in
Number of Rings



7,500 Gauss-Oersted

Number of Rings:



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