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Magnetizer Water Improver for your RV, motorhome, fifth wheeler, camper. It will get you better tasting water for your motorhome travel.

RV Water Energizer | RVW-S

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The best non-chemical water improving system for your RV and the indispensable add-on to your purification system (the best placement is before the filter).


It is offered in a more compact format, but with the same strength and with the same beneficial effects as the flagship Magnetizer® “RWE-S” – America’s most favorite home water energizer system, sold under the Magnetizer® label as well as private labels by some of the largest online water filtration stores.

This RV specific system is guaranteed to bring the host of benefits—the homeowners are happy to experience—for a more satisfying and sustainable living in your motorhome, fifth-wheeler or camper, whether traveling, RV parked or boon-docking.

The revolutionary “RVW-S” Water Improvement system, like all other Magnetizer® products, comprises of the patented metal Flux Driver Plate® and the latest generation, state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 standard, permanent magnetic ceramic alloys, wrapped in proprietary foil material and encapsulated in Commercial Grade-A plastisol.

This product needs no energy to operate, or modifications to the water lines it is non-invasively attached to. As such it will not waver any manufacturer’s warranty while it will bring a lifetime of benefits.

It consists of the residential homes proven, monopolar, South Pole (+) charged, three magnetic rings to be placed on freshwater line in, another one on the line from the fresh water tank below the city water inlet and one more on the hot water line from the heater.

For tighter control of your incoming water standard, you may want to snap a companion, basic “RVW-1” Water Enhancer onto the home or city water hose in order to pretreat the water upon entering the vehicle. It useful for notoriously low-level quality water at some parks. We have excluded it from the main kit to save you money, however, would use it in our own vehicle.

It will make your drinking water enjoyable again without foul smell, with no need to flush the fresh water tank frequently, once you make sure it is clean to accommodate Magnetizer®.

The RVW-S system will ameliorate the quality of your water, save you money on detergents, shampoos, or soaps and more.

Water will not only taste better, but will be healthier carrying minerals in it, with no scale in coffee/tea makers or under the shower head, and with a strong bactericidal effect and algae/bacteria protection throughout your entire water grid.

It is highly recommended to add  “Vitalizer® Plus” ring on the cold water pipe under the sink for best taste results, or just for cooking or dish cleaning purposes.

“Vitalizer® Plus” produces negative ions in drinking water which has a healthy alkalizing and oxidizing effect on your body. According to expert scientists, only the water that has been exposed to the North Pole energy should be used for human or animal consumption.

Magnetizer® “RVW-S” will never break, nor require power to operate, and will work for you rain or shine for the lifetime of your RV.

It comes with a Lifetime Power Warranty and will be replaced for free should it ever lose its magnetic power.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in
Number of Rings



7,500 Gauss-Oersted

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  1. Kennethmox

    Hi, does it work in home as well?

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