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Vitalizer™ – North Pole [-] Charged Water For Health Conscious

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Negative ions in drinking water are produced by the North Pole only of the monopolar Magnetizer™—under the Vitalizer™ label. They have a healthy alkalizing and oxidizing effect on your body.

According to the top researchers in the field (bio-magnetics) only water that has been exposed to the north pole energy should be used for human or animal consumption.

Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls discovered that the surface tension of north pole magnetized water produces an increase in hydrogen ion activity and oxygen level, plus a reduction of dissolved nitrogen levels. Most toxins in the body are acidic; this acid can be reduced by the alkalizing effect of magnetized water.

The alkalizing effect of negative ions in drinking water not only normalizes the pH of the blood and body tissues, but it may also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides that adhere to the arterial walls.

Peter A. Kulish, the inventor of Magnetizer™, and father of modern biomagnetism*, who studied with Davies and advanced the science by incorporating specialized biomagnetic therapy that is used internationally including hospitals and has staunch proponents in this country and beyond (therapy kits are available in Mundistore), explains that North Pole water treatment increases hydrogen ion availability important for proper cellular functioning as it increases cellular transfer efficiency for greater nutrition/oxygen intake and detoxification output (more in Peter’s best-selling  book).

Ideally, the vitalizered, i.e. North Pole ionized water for the health conscious should be prepped by the Positive—South Pole—charge of the “RWE-S” system”, the principal water conditioner for home use.

If a home is in the area of hard water, i.e. >10 grains (ppm) – double your order to ensure there is no scale build up on your faucet and install two Vitalizer™-s back-to-back.

*Please note: biomagnetism is not the answer to and cure for all your health problems. The information provided in Mundistore re health related biomagnetic products is an educational tool for complementary health therapies with certified & tested biomagnetic products. They have been acclaimed as and proven to be sound, but always consult your physician or caregiver for advise and/or treatment.

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