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Magnetizers Sold In Japan In The first Three Years On The Market.


Revenue In 1st Year Of Operation. Thousands Of Systems Sold Worldwide Since Then Contributing To Greener Planet.

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We greatly appreciate your interest in our natural, non-chemical home water softener system, “RWE-S.” Thousands of satisfied users praise it, like the reviewers below, for its effectiveness, better water quality, longevity, or bacteriacide effect. It will also help reduce toxins in your apartment or home by improving filter & RO efficiency. It is not a filter but adds great value to it or an RO system.

esidential Water Softener System NoticeNB

MAGNETIZER® chemical-free saltless water softener brings lifetime savings and benefits of naturally soft and restructured water, which is now healthier being ionized, alkalized, pH stabilized, and fully oxygenated by the proprietary magnetization process. It has less iron, sulfur, chlorine smell, or bacteria colonies in your toilet flush tank, with lowered surface tension. It permanently removes harmful limescale buildup from your water grid or softens it, to be easily rinsed off, which you will notice immediately on kitchen faucets and shower heads.

MAGNETIZER® “RWE-S” is not only a safe and natural water treatment method that is highly effective and ecological in dealing with ever-increasing problems of water like chemical adulteration, “backwash” process which wastes water, or coliform bacteria count. Its “NGE-S” fuel counterpart is guaranteed to lower your home heating or gas cooking bills.

For decades our technology, based on the Nobel-Prize-winning science of magneto-hydro-dynamics, has improved water condition and energy efficiency in homes, apartments, residential and public swimming pools, spas, air conditioning systems, gardens, golf links, agriculture, buildings, and industrial plants and facilities worldwide.

A homeowner in Japan buys it not as a water descaler, as water in Tokyo is soft, but because she loves MAGNETIZER’s bactericide effect. That is why we sold over 50,000 units for residential use in Japan alone in the first three years of Nippon sales, getting rave reviews from its users. Subsequently, buildings across Japan were equipped with MAGETIZER®.

In residential and public swimming pools, it naturally inhibits bacterial colonies, reduces sanitizing chemicals while stabilizing pH, eliminating algae, keeping the water clean, and improving the clarity of a pool or spa. You get a more luxurious swim with less chemical eye or skin irritation and cleaner water with reduced pool maintenance costs.

You will benefit from our best-in-class water softener system when hard-water problems cost you money in lost heat energy or repairs. You will appreciate the water quality improvement, reduction in surfactants used or guaranteed emissions reduction, fuel saving, and improvement in home heating or your car gas budget.

Magnetizer in Japan

A Bit of Science: How Home Water Softener Systems Work


Hard water is characterized by the presence of Calcium (CaCO3). The Ca portion of calcium carries a positive charge (+). The CO portion carries a negative charge (-). The calcium is predominately negative since the negative portion is three times that of the positive. Water (HO) has predominately a negative potential in character. Thus, the calcium, also a negative potential, is repelled by the HO molecules and cannot dissolve properly in the water. This then results in the calcium's fall-out, coating the water pipes' insides, the inside of the water heater, and its heating coils, and also is evident in deposits around faucets, etc.
The saltwater softening technique introduces sodium chloride (salt). This has a chemical formula of NaC1.
The Na is positive (+), and it interchanges with the negative portion of the Calcium (CO) forms sodium carbonate. The calcium now becomes calcium chloride (CaC1) and falls as residue into the storage tanks of the water softener. The system needs- constant regeneration at a cost of over $200 per year, depending on the unit size. It also, of course, introduces sodium into the water supply, a dangerous additive in the case of hypertension sufferers.


The Magnetizer® Water Softener System “RWE-S” employs like poles of monopolar magnetic charge. The poles are south or (+) positive. The magnets are attached to the cold water intake and the hot water pipe emerging from the hot water tank in a simple procedure taking just a few minutes.
Since water (HO) has a negative potential (-), its random configuration is changed to an organized form as it passes between the poles. The negative Calcium is now attracted to the water molecules (now in a positive form) to maintain the calcium in a colloidal suspension (a super-microscopic solution) in which the calcium does not drop out or place scale on the pipes or hot water heater. Instead, the beneficial effect of the calcium stays in our drinking water.
In addition to preventing further scale build-up, the magnetized water will gradually dissolve all of the scales already built up in the water system. The effect of the above procedure is to reduce the surface tension of the water, providing "soft water” … NATURALLY!

A Praiseworthy Addon To Your Home

Christian Klemke, Berne, Switzerland
An enthusiastic Swiss customer praises Magnetizer's long-term effects.
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Hello over there in the United States! We installed in 1997 two of your magnets to our hot water boiler system - heated by electricity. Yesterday the technician came for the periodic service check (every 5 years). To his astonishment, both heating elements were almost as new, even after 15 years of permanent use. He therefore postponed the exchange. Furthermore, he mounted the interval for the next check to 2023, i.e., in 10 years. We are very happy about this and say many times thanks to your invention - simple, but very effective!!! I am convinced that your magnets help greatly that our dishwasher and the laundry machine still do their service after 16 years of constant use (in a family of 6 persons). All this, despite the extremely hard water in our area (28∞ French scale). Best regards, Christian Klemke & family Berne / Switzerland / Europe.
David Richardson, Rotherham, United Kingdom
Praise from an Englishman for his better-tasting tea is music to our ears.
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I live in the County of South Yorkshire in the UK, a recognized hard water area. Several months ago, I heard about Magnetizer's effectiveness, so I installed the ["RWE-S"] Home Water System. Our water quality improved immediately. Most noticeably, the water felt silky when used for drinking and in the shower. I was amazed. Over the next two weeks, we noticed a continuous discharge of small calcium particles as the pipes were being descaled. We also cleaned the limescale from within the kettle and around the tap and shower head, and none of it has returned, so I am delighted Magnetizer is doing its job. I know it every day when I drink my tea, which is a good indicator, and it will be in high demand in the UK when people hear about it. Thanks again.

An Independent Assessment

Unfold The Magic

If you still can't believe the "Magnetizer" magic, check what a third party (Authorized Reseller) has to say about our technology offering it under their "ForeverSoft" White Label with an unprecedented Lifetime Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (sic!). If we could not, they should make you a believer. Happy Magnetizing!

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