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Salt-Free Water Conditioning & Softening

We are really enjoying our magnetic water conditioner. Installing of the Mundimex water conditioner is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your home and most importantly your family! It is easy to install, it lasts a life time and you’ll love the results—no more hours of soaking and scrubbing! ~ Stacey Fajardo, Vancouver, WA

Splashed my face with water for my evening wash and OMG the water is so silky and smooth. We have an RWEs installed. VERY Impressed indeed. My skin drank it. ~ Natalie Richardson, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

The eco-friendly salt-free water conditioning and non-chemical water softening* offered by Magnetizer® in and around the home allows you to live more sustainably, more efficiently and with a variety of improvements to your lifestyle and well-being, while saving money. We recommend Magnetizer® “RWE-S” (South Pole charging) system to be applied to the mains water (cold water inlet and the boiler’s/heater’s hot water outlet) and the companion North Pole charging Vitalizer™ to the inlet of cold drinking water pipe under the kitchen sink.

* non-chemical water softening

Water softening is, citing wikipedia: “the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water“. Magnetizer® removes Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and other minerals from the inside walls of pipes where they form rock like lime-scale by rehydrating and dissolving it, thus bringing energy efficiency, as there is no more scale causing increased heating energy expense. It does not remove, however, those minerals from the water, but keeps them suspended in smaller sized, microscopic particles,  while lowering the iron content, thus making water healthy for people, animals and plants. Another important health benefit is that water treated and softened in this way does not require sodium (inorganic solid traditionally used to combat hardness), which is hazardous for health, especially for elderly people, as it causes hypertension. Magnetizer® does not add or remove anything from the water. It produces a phase-change (the order out of chaotic molecular behavior with a predominant single charge ion) and particle size reduction of components in the water. This action reduces or eliminates the need for chemical additives or treatments used to remedy the negative aspects of water, such as chemicals, bacteria, algae, etc. In addition, by polarizing water molecules Magnetizer™ lowers the surface tension of the water, a characteristic of a traditional water softening (this can be measured before and after by dynes per sq. inch). It is not a chemical softener, however due to physical characteristic of the ‘magnetizered’ water—which behaves like soft one—for all intents and purposes Magnetizer® is a non-chemical, physical, water softener. All this with additional benefits of the normalized pH, full oxygenation, the suppressed sulphur smell, where it matters, water getting “wetter”, hydrating better, soap lathering better, water feeling soft and pleasant on the skin, but without that unpleasant slippery effect that hard water softeners cause. It will not remove the grains of hardness from the water, but “miraculously” will render this a moot point. Some people or industries do not want to call Magnetizer™ a softener, but since water passing through its patented monopolar magnetic field behaves like the soft one (albeit without all the negatives) it is in fact a softener. The scientific papers (written by some of the most reputable and acclaimed names in science) confirming this, which you will not find on wikipedia, are presented in Scientific Papers section of this website.

Chemical-free Water In Your Home

Water now full of  minerals (they do not sediment inside of pipes anymore) is excellent for people, pets and plants in your house. With a lot of benefits you can read about below.

An Established Market Leader

The most tested and trusted magnetic fluid conditioner on the market. Sold by some of the largest online water filtration stores in America. You can conveniently purchase it now through our secure Mundi Store.

Super Easy To Install

As easy as tying your shoes. Plastic self locking ties are in the box. An eight to ten minute installation, with no tools needed, except your hands, and no modifications to your plumbing. How good is that!

Some Of Many Uses

Improved taste and smell: Users indicate that Magnetizer® water tastes and smells better. Unpleasant chlorine or sulphure (hydrogen sulphide) odors are eliminated or dramatically reduced.

A recommended filter add-on: Tests show that the Magnetizer® system maximizes filter efficiency dramatically. Filters will remove greater amounts of toxins. They will also last longer as carbonate clogging will not occur.

High iron levels: A high iron level in water is a toxic health hazard. Drinking it or bathing in it is dangerous to your well-being. Independent tests have proven Magnetizer® lowers the iron content in water. However if after 30 days of use, the Magnetizer® system appears to not be working it is the result of excessive iron content. In such a case it is strongly recommended that an iron filter be installed. The Magnetizer® unit should then be re-installed on the water line directly after the filter.

Personal hygiene: Many people comment that not only does their hair feel silkier, but it has become more manageable. Skin becomes hydrated and feels softer and less dry.

Kitchens and bathrooms: Hard water scale and acid stains cause dishes, fixtures, sinks, tubs and toilets to look unsightly. Magnetizer® will dissolve and eliminate the scale and reduce acid stains. Your kitchen and bathroom will look brand new.

Laundry: Magnetized water requires less detergent and softeners. Your laundry will be brighter, cleaner, softer and without a soap residue.

Fact Sheet

Finally there is eco-friendly salt-free water softening and non-chemical water conditioning available in homes, apartments, buildings, swimming pools,, that allows you to get all the characteristics of soft water behavior, while effortlessly reducing expense on detergents, shampoos, soaps, dishwashing liquid and more…

Until now, if home owners encountered hard water problems (accumulating lime-scale in their plumbing and/or spots under their shower, or in a tea kettle), they had to buy costly salt ion-exchange hard water softeners or replace their plumbing and water heater periodically.

The patented and home proven Magnetizer™ Hard Water Conditioner “RWE-S” is a salt free, chemical free, healthy answer to your water problems. Existing scale in your plumbing system, boiler/water heater, faucets or shower is naturally and permanently dissolved in the water by scientifically designed, patented, focused, monopolar magnetic system. 

It is one of the best had water softeners available on the market today at a fraction of a cost of alternative systems.

How Does It Work?

As water molecules pass by the powerful, highly focused magnetic field, two things happen: molecules are polarized (organized) and the water takes on a net positive (+) charge. This physically changes the water’s molecular structure. The result is soft water characteristics with dissolved minerals. Your plumbing and water appliances remain in pristine condition.


Magnetizer™ is not a filter nor reverse osmosis (RO) system – but it 1) extends their regeneration cycle (increases filter life through reduced calcification and dirt particles, as well as shortens processing time/effort to pass through RO membrane, due to the lowered water surface tension), 2) enhances their work and 3) protects the costly investment for a life-time. The result: appreciable savings in energy and money.

How Magnetizer™ helps RO system is explained here while discussing best softener salt systems.

Magnetizer™ also creates degasification which supresses the bad taste and smell of chlorine and/or sulphur. Water becomes soft. Soap lathers effortlessly without that slimy feeling of chemical softeners. Clothes washcleaner. Bathing feels fresher and hair is softer and silkier (women report less hand creams and shampoo used due to well hydrated skin/hair).

Magnetizer™ is easy to install – it simply straps on with no tools required nor modification of existing infrastructure. There are no moving parts which could wear out, comes with Life-Time Power Warranty (will be replaced free of charge if it ever looses its magnetic power) plus it requires no external power. 

Magnetizer™ is a global leader in the chemical-free, natural water conditioning technology and is currently improving water quality in over 40 countries.

A Single Mom Endorsement

I believe that it has “beautified” my home, made it “greener”, as it has improved the water quality by softening it without harmful chemicals. As a result, it minimizes the negative impacts to me and the environment. I highly recommend this “Magnetizer” product. 

     Dr. Elven Chern, Holmdel, NJ

The Benefits

  • No Salt or Chemicals to Add
  • No Service Maintenance or Expense – install it once and it never requires maintenance again
  • Helps Prevent Hard Water Scale – appliances, hot water tanks, dishwashers, coffee pots, will last longer
  • Reduces Existing Scale Build-up
  • Comes complete with two magnetic rings for water main and after the water heater (select the right size for your home – see technical specs)
  • Easy to Install, attaches to the outside of your water main & water heater pipe
  • Leaves water “squeaky clean”, no slippery residue
  • Reduces Water Heating Costs
  • Prolongs the Life of Water Heaters, Plumbing & Fixtures
  • Prolongs the Life of Water-using Appliances like Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Coffee Machines & Ice Makers
  • Reduces Household Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Your Clothes Will be Cleaner & Brighter
  • Dishes rinse cleaner
  • Lifetime warranty



A Quick Comparison of Traditional Water Softeners vs. Magnetizer™

Softens Water
Proven Technology
No Salt Added To Water
Chemical Free
No Residue
Safe For Heart or Hypertension Patients
Environmentally Friendly
Water w/o Slippery Feel
Retains Healthy Minerals
Reduces Green Stains
Reduces Copper Leaching
Dissolves Existing Lime And Mineral Buildup
Do-it-yourself Installation
No Tools Needed To Install
No Modification To Plumbing
Time For Installation
Self Powered
Yearly Maintenance Cost (Family Of Four)
Life Time Power Warranty
Permanent Device
Traditional Softeners
5-8 Minutes

*Please see Exhibit-A in ECO-RESPONSIBILITY section, where Magnetizer tests have shown 90% reduction of SAR (Sodium Adsorptium Ratio) in saline water (click).

Magnetizer™ vs. Traditional Water Softening Methods

Magnetizer™ has an advantage over the traditional chemical, ionic exchange/salt based and RO water softening systems. It is ecologically sustainable, magnetic (mono-polar), healthy, natural, physical—as opposed to chemical—method of water conditioning. The comparative differences are presented below.

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ChemicalIon ExchangeReverse Osmosis or UltrafiltrationsThe Magnetizer Technology
Chemical additives are used to control pH, thermal capacity, corrosion, etc. They are expensiveSalt based water softeners utilize the ionic exchange of the Sodium in salt (NaCl) for the Calcium (CaCO3), or other mineral, in the water (NaCl + CaCO3 = CaCl + NaCO3).Involves forcing untreated water through a membrane that selectively filters certain constituents out off the fluid.Nothing is added to the fluid - it works by rearranging the molecules already present in the fluid and additives are unnecessary.
System requires constant monitoring & maintenance to assure proper conditioning.While soft water is produced, a considerable expense is incurred (price of softener, salt supplies, replacement of the ionized bed, the softener's average life of 7 years, health risks).The system requires very high pressure because the membrane used as the filter medium is essentially non-porous.No power required - permanent magnets supply "free" effective energy. No power supplies to burn out.
Chemicals may be hazardous to employees or environment whenever processes fluids are flushed /spilled.Sodium must be added to the water in place of the mineral that is removed ("salt-ion exchange").
The mineral deposits slowly damage the system.
In areas that have high mineral or salt content, the membranes must be flushed frequently (and replaced often).No continuing maintenance required after the installation and no recharging or further attention is needed following the initial techniques and/or the Stabilization Period.
May incur unwanted pressure drop increasing energy requirements.The sodium released into the softened water is corrosive (the corrosion due to scale has been replaced with corrosion due to sodium - an undesirable trade-off).
Health & environmental hazard due to hypertensive effect of sodium on human body (the delicate electrolytic balance of sodium/potassium ions is unsettled) and danger of sodium toxification to the area ground water (in increasing areas the communities, doctors, hospitals and rest homes prohibit salt-ion exchange systems).
This always requires downtime and a major usage (loss) of water. R/O units typically waste half of the processed water.A "snap-on" design, unlike the other solutions that are "inline" and become part of the system is removable (and portable) allowing risk free testing & installation.

The Cost Of Not Having The Magnetizer™

Water Heater – $300-$600 Heater Element – $75 Faucet Set – $90 Entire Plumbing System – $2,000-$4,000 Washing Machine Dishwasher $360

Inhibiting Bacteria

Here is a testimonial from a pharmaceutical company’s (TEVA) subsidiary in Europe regarding use of our technology in their medicine production plant (BIOGAL S.A.) to effectively inhibit (kill) bacteria. Also we have tests showing coliform count reduced after the magnetic treatment.  This bactericide application  goes beyond our normal non-chemical water treatment, such as de-scaling of pipes, water heaters, boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, cooling towers, etc. This has not been a surprise to us, as e.g. in the past we have sold tens of thousands of our home water energizer units (“RWE-S”) to Japan, not for softening purposes, where water has been naturally soft, but for bactericide effect that a sensitive Japanese customer has been fond of. Also similar bactericide effects have been confirmed to us in cooling towers apps and water treatment plants. English translation follows.

Testimonial from a pharmaceutical firm Biogal, subsidiary of Teva confirming 80-90% bacteria colonies inhibited by Magnetizer.

Medicine manufacturing Plant BIOGAL S.A.

Management Office of Raw Material Production

Energy Department

Debrecen, Pallagi ut 13, H-4042

tel. (52)515-240, fax (52)515-243

Testimonial regarding Magnetizer installation in the station of ion softeners on raw water and after anion exchangers

Introduction: We use considerable amount of water passing through ion exchangers for production of medicine. In water directed for usage, apart from chemical parameters, the amount of bacteria contained in it is very important. Quality requirements demand maintaining the [bacteria] colony amount below 1000. By trial we have come to a conclusion that the mentioned amount can be maintained only if we rinse the pipes after ion exchangers two times weekly with a sub-chloride solution, as well as if we limit the work of ion exchangers to 72 hours (successive regeneration of ion columns also annihilates bacteria). During rinsing the work of those columns is stopped for 1.5-2 hours, whereas such a downtime creates production problems.

Changes occurring after Magnetizer installation: on 11.22.2001 several rings of Magnetizer pieces were installed in two places in the sector of production of water softened by ion exchangers according to directions of the company Mundimex Magyarorszag Kft. Upon trials we were looking for the best place of work for Magnetizers.

Due to complicated character of the system after third trial we succeeded to find it. The advantage of this device is without a doubt that it can be installed without necessity to modify the installation, only through snapping to the outside of the pipe.

Before the installation and subsequently after it we carefully measured daily the amount of growth of bacteria colony. The results confirmed expectations – there was reduction by 80-90% of bacteria colonies.

We also lowered by half and subsequently totally eliminated the amount of sub-chloride used to disinfect installations. Despite this we still have been able to maintain the biological cleanliness of water. After tallying results at the end of February 2002 we purchased these devices and since then are continuously using them.

Debrecen, March 14, 2002  Signed by Teszko Gabor, Department Chief

Approximate Replacement Cost

The cost of hard water scale: Hard water scale, coating and insulating the inside of your water heater or boiler is robbing you of hundreds of dollars yearly on your water heating bills and thousands on your scaled home water radiator heating system.

The United States Government reports that consumers save a minimum of 48% of their energy dollars with the elimination of 3/8 of an inch or more of mineral scale build-up. A family of four can save up to $750.00 per year with the removal of this costly, pipe-clogging mineral scale.

The U.S. Department of Interior reports: 1/2” scale on your heating coil, boiler plate or inside your baseboard radiators produces such efficiency loss it costs a minimum of 60% more in fuel to heat through the scale.

This can cost an average family + $750 annually in wasted energy costs just to heat their domestic hot water! Magnetizer™ will prevent these problems by naturally dissolving the scale and neutralizing the corrosive water, prevent toxin and chemical build-up in the body. Your plumbing and appliances will have a much longer maintenance-free life and use much less energy resulting in great savings.

Size & (Water) Hardness Matters

Larger than normal hard water conditions may require an additional unit(s) mounted in tandem with the original cold unit, 1/4” apart on the cold water line.

The efficacy of the RWE-S system depends on the size (square footage) of a house, as well as hardness of water. Here is a rule of thumb for the proper installation/use:

If a home is < 2,500 sq. ft. (>230 m2) = 1 x RWE-S

If a home is 2,500-5,000 sq. ft. (230-460 m2) = 1 x RWE-S + 1 x RWE-1

If a home is > 5,000 sq. ft. (>460 m2) = 2 x RWE-S.

If a home is in the area of hard water, i.e. >10 grains (ppm) – double your order to ensure effective results.

Installation Guide & Instructions

Stabilization Period And The Flushing Requirement

Stabilization is the process of removing all the existing scale from inside your water pipes, fixtures and appliances. It is required that after installing your Magnetizer RWE System, you open all your taps (hot & cold) at all sinks, showers and bathtubs while flushing the toilets for a period of 10-15 minutes once a week for the first three weeks. This flushing technique will accelerate the Stabilization Period* enabling you to enjoy the life-time benefits of permanent, naturally conditioned, softer water quicker. During the flushing cycle, some sediment may be deposited in the bathtub.

Additionally, your water heater should be flushed by opening the bottom valve and allowing the water to run out until it runs clear. This should be done at approximately two to three week intervals, until you open the bottom valve and the water runs out clear. If your water heater is a year old or less, this flushing requirement should not be necessary. If you have any questions about how to flush your water heater contact your local plumber.

*Stabilization Period may vary, from immediate (5-10 minutes after opening taps upon Magnetizer® installation) to two weeks and even thirty days. In industrial applications this can take up to three months.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Definitely. When the surface tension is reduced, anything added to the magnetized fluid will dissolve and mix more readily. In terms of a water softener, the magnetized feed water actually increases the efficiency of the softener by increasing the net ion charge and thereby creating a better chemical reaction in the normal ion-exchange. By increasing the efficiency, the system requires less salt to do the same job. Installations have reduced salt consumption by 50% and more. In most cases you do not need a softener. One of our distributors had softeners removed in a hotel’s  coffee expresso machines, putting in their stead the Magnetizer™ “RWE-S” systems. Clients subsequently commented to Management that they serve … the best coffee in town. Please scroll down to see Water Test Data here for additional information.

The Magnetizer unit was attached to a breaker containing calcium and magnesium in water solutions. The authorities at the ASTB laboratories concluded that the ion X-changer and filter alone remove around 90% of the calcium and magnesium. The Magnetizer unit seems to improve the removal efficiency to better than 99% of the contained calcium and magnesium.


A Reverse Osmosis unit is really an ultra-filtration system, so fluids that are high in mineral content will clog the filtration membrane with mineral crystals. Since the magnetized fluid will prevent crystal formation, placing a Magnetizer™ system on the feed of the Reverse Osmosis unit will decrease membrane clogging and ultimately reduce downtime required to flush the clogged membrane. A further explanation is like so: the advantages of the Magnetizer™ treatment are two fold: reduction of carbonate fouling of the pore structure and reduction of the number of water cages or clusters present in an associated, non-chemical grouping of water molecules. The reduction of the number of molecules present in the cluster is responsible for the reduction in surface tension as an affect of magnetic water treatment. It is not unusual to experience a drop in the surface tension of water for 71 dynes per square centimeter to 62 dynes per square centimeter. The reduction in surface tension effectively reduces the effort required to push the water molecule through the membrane. In conclusion, the Magnetizer™ treatment increases RO’s filter life through reducing calcification as well as reducing processing time/effort required to force the water molecule through the membrane, hence saving energy. There is a Magnetizer “TUBS” system available in Mundistore which is sold to thousands of households that purchase $2-3K drinking water purification tanks (filtration steel tank systems, RO tanks, decontamination tanks, etc.). It is an indispensable companion to naturally, i.e. non-chemically condition and soften water and protect the expensive tank system against limescale, corrosion, metal pitting and bacteria.


It reduces the surface tension of water and gives hard water softer properties. It results in cleaner laundry, dishware, cars, and more. The reduced surface tension also creates a better rinsing effect that helps reduce spotting when drying. This patented hard water conditioner controls lime/scale deposits and corrosion by magnetically suspending the hard minerals in the water throughout the home on both hot and cold water lines. The conditioned water is not only safe to water house plants, lawns, trees, shrubs, and gardens, it will also enhance plant growth, reduce fertilizer requirements, and help conserve water because less water is required for washing and rinsing.


Water is comprised of naturally, chaotically and randomly placed molecules with minerals that form scale. Molecules entering the magnetic field are in turmoil, but as they pass through the strong magnetic field, they become charged and realigned. The magnetic field applied to the water is greater than that of minerals and plumbing, thus lowering water surface tension and creating soft water behavior. Unlike other magnetic technologies, Magnetizer uses a unique and patented “non-linear” polarization where water is most affected. This is the key component of our success and proven results.


Magnetizer™ systems use a patented mono-polar method, which guarantees best results (efficiency), whereas the strength of magnets is secondary (click here for visual confirmation). Magnetizer™ contains only the highest grade ceramic alloy magnetic piles—originally engineered by NASA—with unique design configured to focus almost all of the magnetic energy into the pipe and flowing fluid. A few key principles are critical in the successful design and application of magnetic water treatment: 1. Uniform Exit Pole Imprinting due to monopolar treatment. 2. Configuration of magnets yielding required strength of the magnetic field (flux power). 3. Properly focused energy field and the right polarity. 4. Larger Surface Contact Zone (Contact Time) of applied magnetic field when compared with other bi-polar magnetic systems. 5. The ideal location system placement—the installation know-how—to account for turbulence, distance of travel, pipe composition, flow rate, mineral composition, temperature, etc.


  • Aerators on faucets will not clog
  • Keeps deposits from forming on dishwasher and toilets
  • Chlorine smell will be decreased – the chlorine stays in solution longer – people who are strongly affected by chlorine smell are no longer after affected after installing magnets
  • Balances pH to 7 (slightly)
  • Water may taste better because of change in pH
  • Algae that traditionally builds in hot water tank and back of toilet is eliminated. Even fish tanks will stay cleaner longer (make sure your water is filtered if using for a fish tank).
  • There will be more sudsing (use less soap and detergents) and less shampoo that needs to be used
  • Hot water tank will last longer, plumbing will last longer, dishwasher, etc.
  • Excellent for gardens – shortens crop cycle so garden yields more in less time
  • Makes your hair shiny
  • Lower surface tension means it penetrates clothing better to release stains more effectively


No, it does not work out of the box on braided stainless steel /galvanized steel pipes. Special setup applies – call for details.  It can be used with any type of PVC or PEX pipe and copper.


It’s power and service last a lifetime. You will not need to replace it. You will enjoy its savings and benefits for many, many years.


None. It is a ceramic permanent magnet originally engineered by NASA that will not lose its power and will not degrade with time. We give you a Life-Time Power Warranty and will replace our systems for free should they ever loose power in normal operating conditions.


No. Its as easy as tying your shoe. No tools are needed and you can take the Magnetizer with you if you move.


Yes, but in its own, distinctive, non-chemical way. “Softening” usually means replacing some of the most essential minerals in the water with sodium (which doctors warn can be harmful to health), or removing those minerals with special filters. Both of these methods present problems because of their pollution, health risks and/or wasted water. With the reduced surface tension of water after magnetization (same metric you will find with chemical softeners), Magnetizer™ creates soft water behavior. The character inherent in hard water is its crystallizing phenomenon, which produces scale.When hard water is properly magnetized, the nucleating effect of the crystallization (scaling) is reversed. Judging by the lowered surface tension that is a regular characteristic of chemically soft water, as well as that of Magnetizer™, the latter in fact “softens” water (shows lowered dynes per sq. inch), like its chemical based counterparts.


No. That’s what makes magnetizered water so healthy for people, animals and plants. Our magnetic scale control systems will keep the minerals in solution, so they will not accumulate (form hard crystals) in plumbing systems and at heat exchange locations. Lime scale develops when the minerals in hard water precipitate out of solution as water is heated and form hard crystals called Calcite. By passing water through a properly designed and applied magnetic field, the physical nature of the water and calcium molecules change so as to allow the formation of less dense crystals called Aragonite. Since Aragonite is very light weight, it will remain suspended in the water flow as it passes through the plumbing system. New scale formation is preventedand existing scale is removed over time. In closed systems (industrial boilers) the Aragonite slush descaled by Magnetizer™ has to be physically removed from the equipment.


Yes. It will stabilize it, which is what you want. As a result of the magnetic influence, fluids are configured and ionized such that the total numbers of H+ and OH- ions are forced to move toward parity. This is a direct result of being placed in physical close proximity to other molecules that are able to accept these ions into their structures. By accelerating the general ionic content, an acidic fluid is forced towards becoming alkaline and an alkaline fluid moves towards acidic—that is, neutralization. Additionally, this unique ionic activity buffers the pH, actually reducing the wide variations found in fluids.


Yes, in two distinct ways: 1) The magnetic influence helps to neutralize and buffer the fluid (see question above). 2) Dissimilar metals create an electrical charge that alters equipment surfaces. By removing scale formation, Magnetizer™ water softener magnets can eliminate scale-related electrolytic corrosion. This type of corrosion is caused by the adherence, and subsequent electrochemical reaction, of scale to a surface. When water flows past the powerful water magnets, they magnetize the flowing fluid and disrupt the natural bonding of water molecules—altering the structure of the scale-forming minerals. The molecules of contaminates such as calcium carbonate remain suspended in the water flow while it passes through your plumbing system and hence reduce corrosion.


Yes. When magnetizered, process fluids mix more readily with conditioners because the lowered surface tension creates “wetter” behavior and the uniform bonding improves the mixture. The chemicals are utilized more effectively. Briefly, the magnetic influence increases the fluid’s affinity for the conditioner – reducing the conditioner’s normal precipitation from the fluid and, as a result, the same conditioner works longer and as a result is less expensive.


Yes. Usually a strong physical disturbance can have a negative impact on magnetized water. Since the molecules have been forced into a rigid configuration by the magnets, any turbulence caused by a pump impeller, water meter or similar physical disturbance will cause the magnetized fluid to lose some of its magnetically produced orientation and qualities. This phenomenon is called vibrational depolarization. For this reason, we always install our systems after such disturbances; for example, after the water meter on a straight piece of pipe, and on the hot water tank outlet pipe after any elbows. Sometimes we recommend increasing the magnetic boost using additional units mounted side by side. Similarly, magnetized fluids that lie dormant for a long period of time will eventually lose their induced orientation. Water treated by Magnetizer™ retains its magnetized state through up to 200 feet of pipe. The magnetic effect lasts for up to 48 hours in stored water treated by Magnetizer™ magnets. Since most households use their water system regularly, they can be assured of a constant supply of properly conditioned water treated with Magnetizer™ magnets.


Heat itself does not affect a magnetized fluid. What affects a magnetized fluid is the process of heating. Currents and physical movements such as water coming to a rolling boil can cause disorientation to the desired magnetic effect. For this reason, we always install our systems on the outlet pipe from the water heater.


Yes. The answer to this question lies in Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). This rather impressive sounding word is what scientists refer to as the study of the dynamics of electrically conducting fluids and in our case the study of the effects of magnetic energy on fluids. Michael Faraday (click here) discovered that water flowing past a conductive material will generate a weak electrical charge. This discovery (made over 120 years ago) is the basis that we use today when treating water and other fluids with magnetism. Many principles are at work. Some of them we understand while others are not yet fully understood. Simply put, MHD is a physical water treatment using advanced magnetic technology for neutralizing the lime scale caused by Calcium Carbonate in hard water. For a more complex explanation of MHD please visit wikipedia.

Home Fuel Savings

Car Fuel Savings

Better Swimming

FlavOring For Better Wine

Magnetizer will save us thousands of dollars in fuel this year! This simple to install technology (30 minutes install time) will change the world and has virtually unlimited applications!

Keep spreading the word for this GLORIOUS technology!!!!.”  

         Todd Black, Missouri

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