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Salt-Free Water Softening

By Deepak Mishra

Nowadays, many cities are banned to use salt in the water conditioners because of its harmful effects particularly on sewer systems, septic tanks and also on human health due to sodium content. Basically, the salt water softener can simply add salt to the water and cause an ionic exchange that softens the water. It works with a calcium carbonate crystal structure that pulls out the excess dissolved hardness by attracting it to the crystal structure.

If you are an Eco-minded house owner, you can finally get the best salt free water softener for your home. Using salt-free water softening is a more environmentally safe option to use and it also greatly helps to eliminate the discharge from the salty water.

Chemical-free water

There are several different types of salt free water softeners available that can be used for different purposes. Many traditional non-chemical water treatments are available today such as ion exchange, UV disinfection, or carbon and sub-micron filtration. Depend on your needs, you can find the best type of non-chemical water treatment and remove the contaminants from the water in order to improve the taste. 

A great and highly recommended method is the Magnetizer™ non-chemical water treatment that is praised by experts as the leading eco-sustainable solution for healthy, salt free water with stabilized pH, lowered surface tension, full oxygenation and more. This kind of salt free water softener can save a lot of money over time (e.g. less surfactants used) and finally brings a 100% salt free solution. 

This is why many homeowners world-wide use this method these days for life-time savings and benefits and keep away from potential severe health problems that salt based methods pose.

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