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The Beauty of Salt-Free Water Softening

By Deepak Mishra

Water is life and it is no wonder then that access to clean water is something every household owner is looking for. While there is a lot of water all around you, most of it is not safe for drinking or for other household uses. Hard water, which contains dissolved minerals might not harm you, but it ruins your piping and appliances such as water heaters among others.

If you have noted a regular problem with your water piping, it is highly likely that dissolved minerals have led to scale buildup in your plumbing. This in turn leads to clogging for which you require a lot of money to repair. While there are many ways of dealing with hard water, using a no-salt water softener is highly advisable.

Magnetizer® salt-free water softening entails removal of minerals including calcium and magnesium, which are the minerals responsible for water hardness, without an ounce of salt. Such water is safe for drinking and you will also save on cost of pipe repairs and buying new appliances. There are many reasons to invest in a high quality no-salt water softener like Magnetizer®. Take a look:

  1. Chemical-free water softening: If you are looking for a way to make drinking water safe, it is advisable to avoid chemicals as they can have side effects (high sodium content is bad for your heart as it increases blood pressure. That’s why California law bans their usage in Senior Centers) while also affecting the environment.
  2. Versatile functioning: This water treatment system offers multiple benefits including water softening, improved water taste and smell, lowering high iron levels, toxin removal with an add-on filter, better feel of bathing water and cost saving.
  3. Easy installation and low maintenance: Most salt-based water softeners end up breaking down due to their complicated nature. With a salt-free system, there is no plumbing redesign needed and installation is very easy.

With the Magnetizer® salt-free water softener, you have a chance to get better quality water in your house and save the cost of plumbing and appliance repairs.

For more on Magnetizer® Non-Chemical Water Softener click here.

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         Todd Black, Missouri

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