March 28, 2017

Vitalizer™ trademark name has been published in the USPTO Trademark Official Gazette.

This is the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s official acknowledgment that the Vitalizer™ name has been verified by the examining attorney who reviewed the application to determine whether it complies with all applicable rules and statutes and includes all required fees. Since the examining attorney raised no objections to registration, he has approved the mark for publication in the Official Gazette, a weekly publication of the USPTO. We expect the USPTO to register the Vitalizer™ mark and issue a registration certificate for Vitalizer® about twelve (12) weeks after the mark was published, i.e., around June 20, 2017. We believe the name adequately reflects our unique product’s water and bodily restorative function. 

Vitalizer®” is used to produce negative ions. The negative magnetic field of a static field magnet activates electrons to spin counterclockwise. A static negative magnetic field is an energy field causing the movement of electrons spinning in that field. A negative magnetic field is a source of electromagnetic energy regarding a biological response.

The negative magnetic field of the “Vitalizer®” will electromagnetically charge the water to have negative ions of the mineral content and other particles.

Ideally, the vitalized, i.e., North Pole ionized water for the health conscious, should be prepped by the Positive—South Pole—charge of the “RWE-S” system,” the central water conditioner for home use.

Please bear in mind that behind its operational principal lies the Nobel Prize-winning science.

You can learn more about Vitalizer® here.