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July 5, 2017

Why Invest in a Modern Industrial Water Conditioning System? 

By Deepak Mishra

Have you ever wondered why some of the largest cities always grew near water sources? From London to New York, this is a common feature across the world and the answer is that not only did the early occupants require water for their own use but also, their industries depended on water to run efficiently. Even today, the largest industrial facilities are located close to water bodies.

Industrial facilities require clean water for effective operations but unfortunately, much of the water available is not suitable. Hard water, for instance, damages piping and machinery being used. In an industrial setting, such damage is very costly and might even lead to the collapse of the entire operation. To keep running, you have to invest in a system that will soften the available water.

Industrial water conditioning should only be done through a specialized system that can handle the capacities needed. The water conditioners in the market are not sufficient for the workloads expected and this is where Magnetizer® Water Treatment comes in handy. Below are some reasons to invest in a reliable industrial water treatment system:

  1. Prevention of corrosion and elimination of scales on all water-related equipment

  2. Reduction of energy costs by ensuring the piping has no scales or other contaminants.

  3. Reduction in operational costs by eliminating the need for expensive chemicals in water softening.

  4. Eco-friendly operations, as you don’t have to use chemicals that might eventually find their way back to the environment.

  5. Extending equipment life: Replacing industrial equipment due to corrosion costs a lot and you can avoid such expenses by investing in a trusted water treatment system specifically designed for large-scale operations.

From boilers, car wash facilities, heat water exchangers, drip lines for mining to cooling towers, all these are facilities and appliances that can greatly benefit from Magnetizer industrial water conditioner. It eliminates the need to use expensive water softeners with their detrimental effect on soil due to a high level of sodium concentration in discharge water after water softener regeneration cycle. Also, softeners do not work throughout all of the plant’s piping allowing the scale to eat into the pumps. Magnetizer® solves the hard water problem forever, improves water behavior, reduces its usage throughout a plant and lowers the operational cost. It is a one-time investment at a fraction of a cost of $200,000-$500,000 investment needed for softeners and constant expense on salt.

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